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FTCS is a sports column for the real fans...the fans that scrape together their budget to justify season tickets in the second to last row.  It's easy to find commentary from sports writers that get free tickets to the press box or the first row on the 50-yard line.  But these thoughts are coming from me...and chances are I'm sitting right beside you in the cheap seats. 


I encourage you to send in any suggestions/feedback/comments.  But most importantly I encourage suggestions for article topics...after all, this is a site for us--the real fans!


Balcony Buzz - Updated 5/31

This week's Balcony Buzz: The NBA & NHL Playoffs, a pre-mature coaching dismissal, and of course, the BCS.  Plus Wave Worthy Performances...


From The Cheap Seats

Party for Smarty - A Smarty Jones win at the Belmont will send the horse racing world into a frenzy!

Sportsmanship: A Slice of Society - Sportsmanship has deteriorated along with the morals of our society, but one high school athlete gives sports fans hope.



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